Patriotism, Coolness, and Your Disk Drive


     In the olden days I just wanted some storage - someplace to put my reports, pictures, poems, and love letters. Today just storage just isn’t good enough.  Function, function, function.  That’s the ticket in 2014.  Storage can’t just store, it has got to do something cool.   Take SmugMug.  It arranges my photos on to a stunning website.  Or Evernote.  That's where I go to re-size, optimize, synthesize, organize, categorize, and scrutinize the mountains of information I scan, jot, type, spreadsheet, and clip from the Web.   I don’t need to tell you about DropBox - the Cloud’s Wunderkind.    Speaking of the Cloud, there’s something  else about storage.  It’s definitely got to be someplace else - where that ‘someplace else‘ is doesn’t really matter.  But wherever ‘someplace else’ is,   I’ve got to be able to get to my stuff from any device I happen to have on my desk; in my pocket; on my key chain; or in my backpack.   If you’re not taking advantage of all this storage  coolness like I am, you’re obviously a dim witted Luddite.  There’s one more thing.

     The government, Google, Chinese,  Amazon, and God knows who else needs to be able to read everything you store without your knowledge much less permission, and you wouldn’t want to cause problems for the government, Google, the Chinese, Amazon, and God knows who else by storing your stuff on a locally encrypted hard drive because that would be totally un-American not to mention totally un-cool.  Totally.


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